“We became Peoples customers in 2000 because they were the ‘phone’ company. Today, even though we use cellphones, we continue to be loyal Peoples customers because of their stellar track record of quality service, continued product improvement and most of all, their cheerful, helpful, and dynamic workforce. Home town people who are professionals in every way. It’s ‘our’ phone company!” – Ed

“My customer service and installation has all been great and without complications. I get prompt help and answers with any problems or questions I have. I have always had friendly and prompt service anytime I need to call. I have no complaints or anything negative to say about the installation process or customer service experience. The service that I have has been very reliable over the years I have been with Peoples. The few times I did have any problems it was quickly resolved. I have been with Peoples for about 6 years. My favorite thing about having communications services with Peoples is the friendly and prompt service.”– Dr. Lindsey Jaccard, D.C.

“When we moved to the LaCygne area 14 years ago, setting up our phone/internet was one of the first items on our list. I worked from home for an advertising agency and we also were moving our farm office to LaCygne. The transition of setting up communications was seamless thanks to Peoples Telecommunications, and for an added bonus the internet connectivity was much faster than the service we had previously closer into the metro area. We’ve had very few service issues over the years, but when anything surfaces the Peoples crew is on top of it. In some cases, even notifying us before we realize there is a problem. We get the best of both worlds; living in a small community where we actually know the people providing our communication services and also having access to the latest technology that one might expect in a larger metro area.”- Janell Aust

“I have been a customer of Peoples Telecommunications, LLC for 20 years. Their service is very consistent and reliable. Anytime I call, they are pleasant, professional and very prompt to solve any problems, which are few and far between. I love doing business with them as our local phone and internet services and highly recommend them. We are lucky to have them in our community and appreciate their involvement in the needs of our community as well.”– Kris Carothers

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