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Welcome to Peoples Telecommunications, LLC

Peoples Telecommunications, LLC has been a part of the LaCygne area community since 1914.  Our company’s vision statement:

“Peoples Telecommunications, LLC will continually stay abreast of emerging technologies in order to expand service offerings while maintaining a high quality of service.”

Peoples offers many different services, including Local Telephone, Long Distance, High Speed Internet,  and PC Repair and Service.

Peoples is a Fiber to the Home community with the ability to offer the most up-to-date technology to our residential and business customers.

This institution is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Attention Customers!  Peoples does not notify you of account or service changes through email unless requested by the customer.  Be aware that we will never ask you to confirm your email account, passwords, or personal information through email unless requested by you directly with the local office.



Peoples awards $1000 scholarships each year to eligible high school Seniors.  Click here for more information!

Peoples Telecommunications’ Service Area

Homes and businesses in the shaded area on the map below are able to receive our services.

PRESS RELEASE:  Peoples Telecommunications, LLC is now among the first providers to bring Gigabit Internet service to rural Kansas

Peoples Telecommunications, LLC is excited to announce they are now one of the first rural providers in Kansas to offer Gigabit Internet services to their residential and business customers.  Peoples is able to offer this service through their Fiber-to-the-home network in LaCygne, KS.

According to “Gigabit broadband delivers 100x faster Internet speeds than traditional broadband, creating a next generation broadband experience that has no rival.”

In addition to Gigabit Internet services Peoples has also launched new incredibly fast Internet packages, ranging from 10 Mbps up to 100 Mbps. Residential customers can purchase additional upload for those households that have multiple users accessing the Internet at the same time or enjoy online gaming. Peoples is now also offering symmetrical Internet plans to meet the specific needs of their business customers.

 – Jennifer Leach, CEO/GM

Congratulations to our PVHS 2023 Scholarship winners! Pictured left to right are Jennifer Leach, GM/CEO, Peoples Telecommunications, LLC and Peoples Services, LLC, Meadow Stainbrook, Darci Haupt, Addison Bloodgood and John Burk!


Congratulations to Jackson Rooney, Connor Lee and Cade Driskell-2023 Louisburg High School Scholarship Winners.



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